Hexagram 2: "QUEEN"

Ruling the 2nd Degree (01:01 to 01:59) of any Sign; and the 2nd Sign of Astrology (TAURUS, the Ox.)

THE SECOND YEAR OF ANY LIFE.. from the 1st to 2nd Birthdays.

ESSENE THOU COMMENTARY: The Second of THE FOUR GREATS of Taoism is ID, THE UNCONSCIOUS.. depicted here as the QUEEN-BRIDE OF THE FATHERLY LIGHT-DRAGON. Described as DARK, RECEPTIVE and DEVOTED; composed entirely of IN or Yin as KING is of ANKH or Yang, QUEEN is that 'Anima, the Mystic Femininity' of THOU DEI JINN.. the female polarity within and all around us each.

However, what YE JINN adds to this is the knowledge of the TOTEMIC SYMBOL of ID.. without which one could never learn to govern one's relationship to it. That totemic Symbol is A HORSE. Most often called 'a mare' though in fact 'equine' is all we need to know of it (for ANY use of Horse-symbolism in our meditations or magical art lends us direct access to ID-control.)

When received as an Oracular Response in Divination, this Hexagram explains that the answer to our question is BEING THE CAVE OF IMPRESSIONS ITSELF, from with-IN which we must rest, receptively, while Ankh the Fatherly Light gives us the guidance we need. Taoist meditation is based entirely upon this Cave- Identity, which (when we practice it) makes us 'Queen' the BRIDE OF HEAVEN, ridden like a Horse by the Dragon-King, our eternal 'mate.'