Hexagram 3: "CHURN"

Ruling the 3rd Degree (02:01 to 02:59) of any Sign; and the 3rd Sign (GEMINI, 'the Tiger.')

THE THIRD YEAR OF ANY LIFE.. from the 2nd to 3rd Birthdays.

ESSENE THOU COMMENTARY: The Third of THE FOUR GREATS mentioned in THOU DEI JINN, and the final part of our Triune or Immortal Identity, is called "LIBIDO;" and it is our 'Soul' or Light-Body. While we have learned much about from THOU DEI JINN, here we are given it's Totemic Symbol (though we must STILL each find our own unique 'totemic specialty' as a Soul.) The basic Symbol of Soul is A SPROUTING SHOOT of plant-life.. symbolically explaining that the Soul both GROWS just as plants do, AND that it starts 'small' and must struggle as it rises above the ground of ID in which it was planted. Given time, this sprout becomes a TREE; the Tree Of Life itself, which we may study through Kaballah and other traditions of self-growth. The Chinese name for this sprouting Tree is 'CHURN.' And in this we learn a powerful Truth.. for, Libido IS the bellows of Heaven and Earth; it is this Soul-portion of Self which alone has the power to 'pump' matter out of non-being, for it's needs. A 'churn' is a primitive device used by farmers to turn the cream in milk into butter; so it is with Libido. By use of the plant-symbol in meditations and magical rites, we can churn-out Soul-needed improvements that the Super-Ego will bless and the ID will bring forth materially. If you have ever seen any of the sculptures of Bodhisattvas and Buddhas, you may have seen plant-like 'flames' running up their arms and shoulders. THAT is this plant, symbolic of 'Shakti' or psycho-sexual energy which is the Soul's unique Force and special skill.

Received as an Oracular Response in divination, this Hexagram explains that the answer to your question is LIBIDO and how it grows through pumping and churning, until what it needs is provided for it by the two previous symbols or Hexagrams, which are it's 'parents.' In fine: CHURN, AND GROW!