Hexagram 1: "KING"

Ruling the 1st Degree (00:01 to 00:59) of any Sign, and the 1st Sign of Astrology (ARIES, the Rat.)

THE FIRST YEAR OF ANY LIFE.. from birth to the 1st Birthday.


ESSENE THOU COMMENTARY:The First of the 'FOUR GREATS' spoken of in THOU DEI JINN is THE KING, depicted here as that which is CREATIVE, ORIGINATING and CORRECT; and it is further ex-plained as being identical to the idea of ANKH or Living Light. Further called MALE as a gender, this is the FATHERLY LIGHT.. and yet here in YE JINN we learn that it itself has a symbol not alluded-to even by Master Lao; for ANKH is the IMPERIAL DRAGON which smiles back at us from every period and corner of China. This Dragon, whose western name is Auroborus, MEANS 'Ankh, the Fatherly Light;' and we have each a relationship to it to learn and perfect in our lives. As a portion of the Self, THE KING is SUPER-EGO or the Spiritual Source from which we derive, and which guides us throughout life by flickering Light-symbols which it plays upon the walls of our mind. It is also our CONSCIENCE, embodied.

As Auroborus does for the west, the Dragon of China means EVERLASTING BLESSINGS and ETERNAL LIFE: Dragons live, unchanged, FOREVER. We however, though very durable ourselves, DO change; and anytime we need the help of our spiritual Father, to help us through a change in life, here we have the key to that: use of the Dragon-symbol in meditations, magical rites and other totemic communications.

When received as an Oracular Response to a question, in divination, this First Hexagram indicates that your question's answer lies with YOUR CREATOR. Find him within and all around you.. showering you with symbols patterned of Light.