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I first met my brother Khiron many years ago, before he was Khiron, although he had always been Khiron. His spirit shone through even in those days when he was known as Jerry, or Junior, as the family called him. Upon our first meeting, I was instantly drawn to his quiet, gentle ways and enigmatic smile. During the early years of my marriage to his older brother, we had the great good fortune of having him in residence with us frequently. Although I sensed great depths within him even then, I had little sense of all he would become.

Jerry was there with us through good times and bad, and always there for us as well. We stood side-by-side loading cattle into trucks during roundups on ranches in Arizona, and I laughed at his humor in the midst of the chaos. He was taking on more than his share of the work. He kept me smiling with his amusing observations of our situation, trapped during an enormous flood, as we waited several weeks for the creek-become-a-river to recede, where we might get out on horseback. As I awaited the birth of my daughter, Merryn, Khiron was there, helping with chores, milking the cow, tending to other tasks, and reminding me gently and with great good humor to eat properly. I shall never forget his words of encouragement when my husband and his brother, Dan, required surgery, and the livelihood we so enjoyed on the ranch ended.

Khiron was there, too, singing in his beautiful baritone to Merryn when later she and I were alone... and how her face would light up as he sang to her. And his. He was there for his family through the ups and downs, too, always quietly taking care of any matter needing attention. He was always listening, and understanding as no one else could.

We saw one another soon after the death of his brother, Michael. Unaware at the time, I was never to see Khiron again. Many years were to pass before we reconnected, and I found myself awed and amazed, but not surprised, at the great teacher he had become. From my "little brother" to a great mentor and Master. The value of his teachings is beyond measure for so many. Always Khiron encouraged me to firmly believe in my abilities and to further the use of my humble gifts. I shall remain eternally grateful, for he also placed my feet firmly upon the Path.

My Brother, the bubbling laughter in your voice shall echo through all my lifetime until we are again met among the miracles of the cosmos. Just there beyond the shadows and shimmers of the veil between us, I know you are still teaching of Life and Spirit, ever giving of your great knowledge even as you seek the more to learn. I bow East in misty tears of gratitude that our paths ran parallel for a time in this life -- for to all who knew you, you gave not only the gift of knowledge, but the greatest gifts of all ---- pure Love and Joy.


He was to me uncle, friend, mentor and in many ways, Father. He was many things to those blessed by knowing him - if only for a moment. I had the honor and privilege of being called his niece and his friend. He was one of twelve kids born to Nina Welch, somewhere just above the middle of the count, yet he was my favorite. It was his kindness, his grace, his humor. The music he played that seemed to resonate all the way to (or from) the heavens, filled with love and joy. His voice was that of compassion and understanding. I never could have imagined, sitting across from him on the floor of his little apartment in Prescott, Arizona, my life without him in it.

We did lose touch as so many often do, but he was never forgotten. Twenty years passed before we connected again but there was no sense of real time lost. I was thrilled to learn where his path had led him, though not surprised by the nature of his life's work.

Struggling with my early twenties-angst and trying to figure out what to do with my life, he told me that we shared the same master numbers. He told me that it was indeed a weighty burden, but also reminded me to keep alive the innocence and wonder that resides within. The words and the knowledge he shared with me placed me not only on my path to self discovery - but ultimately pointed me in the direction of my life's work.

Beloved Khiron,

You are once again out of sight but never forgotten as I feel your presence. Your love and complete joy sing from the heavens and echo through my heart. I thank you for all of your words of wisdom and understanding, for they illuminated the path before me. I am truly blessed by having you embrace me as family and as friend. I bow in silent gratitude and love for all that you have given and all that you are.


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