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What can I, who have so little conscious, personal experience with the Divine possibly say about this man? A man who, to my observations and understanding, lived every moment of his life in harmony and recognition and understanding of the higher realities of being. Of those aspects of reality which cannot be truly communicated, but can only be experienced by each being individually (or perhaps it is the transcending of individuality which is reality?), one of Khiron's greatest understandings was that Spirit cannot be explained, but can only be experienced. This was one of the foundation stones of his guidance to me and to everyone.

Yet he was (is) my friend. He loved me, and I him! He tolerated me (my perception, not his). Because he really got "IT", he was perfectly content to witness the divine mysteries through the moment to moment conduct of his own life. Yet he was always more than willing to share the most intimate of his own personal experiences if asked or if he felt it was appropriate and he was a master of the appropriate!

I do not consider myself a very advanced soul. I spend most of my time and energy alternately inflating and battling with my own Ego. I feel stupid and embarrassed that I did not avail myself of Khiron's knowledge and assistance. Yet, I know that what we did or did not share was appropriate for me in the moment. Perhaps my greatest learning resulted from simply being present during some of his discourses with more active students, listening to the answers of questions that I could not have asked, but from which I could benefit in some way, both from the question as well as the answer. More learning came from observing the manner in which he treated others, his own humility, tenderness, caring, and respect that he always showed to everyone, even when he was "yelling at them".

Khiron showed me that all aspects of physical life are spiritual. Not just prayer, meditation, and ritual; but sex, work, cooking, eating, drinking, buying a car, painting a house,…everything is part of the "?" and therefore imbibed with beauty, mystery, and ... "?".

I am simply grateful for knowing Khiron, for being his friend, for being in his presence, for sharing his life in some small way. He excited me; he stimulated me; he scared me; he inspired me; he challenged me; he accepted me totally. And for all of this, I know, absolutely, that I am truly blessed!


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