Prepare single 9 in. single unbaked pie crust.
If desired, line pie crust with onion sauteed in butter and 4 oz. of cheese of choice (orange or white or port wine cheddar, or gruyere or other swiss).
Make vegetable and or meat combination fillings as desired.
Cook or saute vegetables in butter and drain well or squeeze dry so that they will not make the crust soggy.
Place fillings into pie crust

Suggested combinations:

10 oz. chopped spinach
chopped onion and pepper
cooked asparagus and or diced ham
ham and onion
mushroom leek
sauteed zucchini, tomato, pepper and onion
bacon, cheese and onion (classic Quiche Lorraine)

Place pie crust on sheet pan to catch any drippings.

Make custard and pour over fillings:

3 beaten eggs
2 cups milk or cream
salt, pepper and /or other herbs to taste

Top with more cheese if desired, but this can make for a dark top, so just sprinkling a little creata nice effect.

Bake at 425 for 15 min. then reduce oven to 300 for 30 min.
Test for doneness when knife inserted in middle tests clean.