THE SEVEN (Chromatic) RAYS


THE SHADOW. Like the Unconscious Mind itself, within which it must travel in our Dreams, our Self-fragment which is responsible for getting us through Dreamland's dark landscapes is itself "dark and shadowy." Carl Jung named it The Shadow, and noted that it tends to be "smaller" or less well-developed than our Conscious Self (so it can slip through the many tight places in the Id's realm!) But regardless of it's "size" or appearance, the Shadow is A POWERFUL WIZARD, capable of defeating ANYTHING it meets.. except YOU YOURSELF. In fact The Shadow is you yourself.. only disguised for a Special Mission into the powerful, magical regions in the Unconscious.. where all of the "monsters" as well as all of the fairy-tale castles full of inner Treasure are to be found. While we occasionally need (and therefore dream of) The Shadow throughout life, to help us through any of life's Dark Chasms, it is during the first dozen or so years of life that we "specialize" at Shadow-Questing. That is called "The Shadow Phase" of Self-Individualization, and it is our FIRST Great Lesson in the powers and potentials of Self-discovery.

In the list below, find the "CHROMATIC RAY" that was vitalizing our Planetary Consciousness AT THE TIME YOU WERE CONCEIVED (nine months, generally, before your birth.) If you were a premature or late birth, take that into consideration in locating your ray (and all births on the DATE of Ray-change should be viewed as the "new" ray rather than the preceding one.) Whatever Ray you find yourself to have been born "under" determines the specific "personal approach" your Shadow-fragment will tend to follow throughout life.

For Conception-Dates ENDING 7 AUGUST (8 August on Leap Years):

[if in doubt, find exact date the Sun was at 15 degrees Leo.]

Year Ray
1924 = 6
1925 = 7
1926 = 1
1927 = 2
1928 = 3
1929 = 4
1930 = 5
1931 = 6
1932 = 7
1933 = 1
1934 = 2
1935 = 3
1936 = 4
1937 = 5
1938 = 6
1939 = 7
1940 = 1
1941 = 2
1942 = 3
1943 = 4
1944 = 5
1945 = 6
1946 = 7
1947 = 1
Year Ray
1948 = 2
1949 = 3
1950 = 4
1951 = 5
1952 = 6
1953 = 7
1954 = 1
1955 = 2
1956 = 3
1957 = 4
1958 = 5
1959 = 6
1960 = 7
1961 = 1
1962 = 2
1963 = 3
1964 = 4
1965 = 5
1966 = 6
1967 = 7
1968 = 1
1969 = 2
1970 = 3
1971 = 4
Year Ray
1972 = 5
1973 = 6
1974 = 7
1975 = 1
1976 = 2
1977 = 3
1978 = 4
1979 = 5
1980 = 6
1981 = 7
1982 = 1
1983 = 2
1984 = 3
1985 = 4
1986 = 5
1987 = 6
1988 = 7
1989 = 1
1990 = 2
1991 = 3
1992 = 4
1993 = 5
1994 = 6
1995 = 7
Year Ray
1996 = 1
1997 = 2
1998 = 3
1999 = 4
2000 = 5
2001 = 6
2002 = 7
2003 = 1
2004 = 2
2005 = 3
2006 = 4
2007 = 5
2008 = 6
2009 = 7
2010 = 1
2011 = 2
2012 = 3
2013 = 4
2014 = 5
2015 = 6
2016 = 7
2017 = 1
2018 = 2
2019 = 3
Year Ray
2020 = 4
2021 = 5
2022 = 6
2023 = 7
2024 - 1
2025 = 2
2026 = 3
2027 = 4
2028 = 5
2029 = 6
2030 = 7
2031 = 1
2032 = 2
2033 = 3
2034 = 4
2035 = 5
2036 = 6
2037 = 7
2038 = 1
2039 = 2
2040 = 3
2041 = 4
2042 = 5
2043 = 6
Year Ray
2044 = 7
2045 = 1
2046 = 2
2047 = 3
2048 = 4
2049 = 5
2050 = 6
2051 = 7
2052 = 1
2053 = 2
2054 = 3
2055 = 4
2056 = 5
2057 = 6
2058 = 7
2059 = 1
2060 = 2
2061 = 3
2062 = 4
2063 = 5
2064 = 6
2065 = 7
2066 = 1
2067 = 2


RAY 1: The Red Ray

Governing the ROOT CHAKRA of Yoga, the RED RAY centers the consciousness in the LEGS, BASE OF THE SPINE and the PHYSICAL PLANE of reality.. Matter, in other words; and generates A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP TO PHYSICAL SURVIVAL. This Ray governs such professions as the Military, Fire Brigades, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Healthcare, Farming, Manufacturing, Money-Markets and (perhaps most of all,) PARENTING. Red Ray Conception-natives have a NEED to be involved in the Physical Sciences.. whether Physics, Medicine, Engineering or the Trades; anywhere that their powerful Survival Instinct can serve the survivability of society and it's products.

As an "Id-controlling Force" this Ray lends those conceived under it's influence a strongly SURVIVAL-BASED way of coping with the Id and it's many strange dreamscapes; from shootouts with Id-thugs to Monster-slaying with one's personal form of Excalibur, Red Ray-Year BOYS practice Self-DEFENSE in early dream-life, and later add to that the ability to protect OTHERS as well. The Red Ray "Soldier" in childhood often grows up to become a policeman if not a soldier, or they may channel all of that into a love of Adventure Films and hunting trips where the Survival specialization can be kept finely-tuned (it IS after all essential to controlling the inner "monsters" of the Unconscious Mind.) But a deep LOVE of Nature and all things Physical is a life-long legacy of this Conception Ray. GIRLS of this Ray-specialty often use "Frontier Survival" themes in their dreams, as a way of controlling the Unconscious Mind's many wild currents; rather than battling the Id directly, they may plant flowers on it's grave!, or feed little animals who can solve the problem being dealt with in that particular dreamscape; but Survivalism Within Nature remains the dominant Theme.

At it's highest level, this Ray teaches the Native how to PROTECT. That one naturally starts by protecting ONESELF is simply the way it IS with human development. Blocked or damaged Red-Ray specialization can lead to some quite dangerous trends.. and violence must be insured-against. In the final analysis, the best "offense" against this Ray is good Self-DEFENSE!

The natural Yoga of the Root Chakra and it's Red Ray Natives is HATHA YOGA: the postural exercise-yoga by which one may shape their own psychic form by shaping the physical form FIRST. This skill at body-image and physical conditioning is a permanent part of the lifestyle for all Red Ray-year Conceptions.. once they master it on inner levels in Dream.

RAY 2: The Orange Ray

Governing the SEXUAL CHAKRA of Yoga, the ORANGE RAY centers the consciousness in the SEXUAL ORGANS, THIGHS, BUTTOCKS and the ETHERIC PLANE of reality.. the "magnetic" plane where attractions are generated and stored in the Aura; producing a powerful RELATIONSHIP WITH CREATIVE "GENIUS." This Ray governs all of the Arts, Music, Dance and Theatre.. as well as the more overtly sexual AND covertly "seductive" fields including Religion, Mysticism, Politics and Social Activism. In short, this is the Ray of PASSION.. and wherever that can be "aimed" Orange Ray Natives WILL "aim" it!

As an "Id-controlling Force" this Ray lends those conceived under it's influence a strongly CHARISMATIC or "SEDUCTIVE" SKILL; they early-on learn that even the worst "monsters" of the Id can be "seduced" into being friendly. Sometimes this takes overtly sexual forms (even in early childhood!,) but just as often the trick finds the "problem" person or symbol in Dream posing for a portrait or modeling the Orange-Ray Native's latest fashions for the well-dressed Dream-monster! Almost endlessly innovative, Orange Ray Natives have a VERY active Fantasy-life, and many parts of the Unconscious Mind are charted in the waking imagination.. leaving the Dreamscapes free for the FUN and EXCITEMENT which this Ray really delights in.

Though sexual activity in early childhood MAY seem suspect to those not of this Ray-specialty (it is in fact not always developed even by this Ray before Puberty,) whatever this Ray NEEDS to experience in order to turn it's dreams into Fun Creations, it WILL do. A strong focus on the creative Arts is the best insurance against the possible excesses of the Orange Ray and it's powerful Seductive Urge.

The natural Yoga of the Sexual Chakra and it's Orange Ray is TANTRA YOGA: the science of "becoming" others through Empathic "merger".. literally taking-on the "role" of others, to "walk a mile in their shoes." This skill, once learned in childhood dreams, remains a lifelong asset to these Experts At Relating through PASSION.

RAY 3: The Yellow Ray

Governing the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA of yoga, the YELLOW RAY centers the consciousness in the STOMACH, SPLEEN, ABDOMINAL MUSCLES and the MENTAL PLANE of reality.. the "gut-level Mind" with which we 'think' our most forceful and urgent INSISTENCES; producing a POWERFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH "WILL" AND DETERMINATION. This Ray governs GOAL-PURSUIT in every form; Business, Career-motivation and all other forms of "DOING WHAT ONE WISHES".. though only occasionally is this entirely ego-centric (the Yellow Ray is no more prone to that than any other Ray is, only better at ATTAINING their goals, whatever those may be.)

As an "Id-controlling Force" this Ray lends it's Natives a POWERFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH SYSTEMATIC ATTAINMENT; carefully planning-out the best 'strategy' for overcoming any problem, and then stubbornly keeping-at the task until success is achieved. In early childhood Dreams this may take the form of putting oneself through an entire Training Program and Career in the field one needs to control in life (such as "becoming a soldier" to learn how to defend oneself, or attending Graduate School in a field of no interest to the waking self, but which DOES solve an Unconscious Need for the dreamer.) Very efficient Planners, Yellow Ray natives often solve many of their Id-related issues through Logical Planning during waking hours.. and then "rehearse" the result in elaborate dreams symbolic of their current and future progress.

The natural Yoga of the Solar Plexus Chakra and it's Yellow Ray is KARMA YOGA: the mundane-level DOING of the Work that MUST be done in order to attain the "right" to success. This Yoga occurs throughout the Lifetime, once learned through childhood's journeys within the Id's Dreamland University of life.

RAY 4: The Green Ray

Governing the HEART CHAKRA of Yoga, the GREEN RAY centers the consciousness in the BREAST, HEART, ARMS, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM and the CAUSAL PLANE of reality.. most-often called "Play" by those who do not yet realize what a life-shaping Drama it really represents.. producing a POWERFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF-TRANSFORMATION through The Games People Play in their dreams. Often misunderstood as purely "silly childhood fantasies" the Green Ray Native's way of self-transformation literally imbues them whatever "Game" they play-at in the Causal Plane; playing "catch" with the Sun, they may alter their sleep-patterns in waking life, or they may play "Leap Frog" (even as a "serious adult!,") to rehearse being promoted over a co-worker. A deep analysis of such Causal Play (often requiring professional levels of psychological skill to "fathom" them) can be fascinating indeed.. but the Green Ray Native seldom NEEDS to rationally understand them; rather such Dreams merely emerge as needed and serve their function as easy as 'play.'

As an "Id-controlling Force" this Ray lends it's Natives a POWERFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH "FUN:" having fun at whatever they are doing is all that is needed in order to get them through even the worst Nightmare-scenario in the dreamscapes of the Unconscious Mind. From Adventure to Role-Playing, the Fun this Ray specializes at emerges in childhood dreams AND fantasy-games, to give the Native whatever "role" their current life-situation requires. Almost limitlessly adventurous, Green Ray-year Conceptions literally PLAY their way through Life.. though that CAN lead to problems, if the psyche loses-touch with the fact that ALL GAMES CAUSE THEM TO CHANGE ROLES IN LIFE. Symbolism as a subject is one very good suggestion for the careful STUDY by these perpetual Children, for it is the language of the Game they are in.

The natural Yoga of the Heart Chakra and it's Green Ray is BHAKTA YOGA: the science of DEVOTION and SERVICE TO OTHERS.. without which the Game of Life may seem heartless and coldly manipulative. Whether through Meditation, Prayer, Chanting and Choral Music (all Heart Chakra Natives LOVE to sing!,) or Dance, some way of getting "outside" their OWN Game and INTO the Game with others, will be helpful in staying "in-touch" with a world they might otherwise simply "toy with." Deeply EMOTIONAL by nature, Green Ray people are normally strongly drawn to Spiritual Philosophy, and seldom forget that LOVE is the only Game that MATTERS.

RAY 5: The Blue Ray

Governing the THROAT CHAKRA of Yoga, the BLUE RAY centers the consciousness in the THROAT, SHOULDERS, NECK, MOUTH, JAW and the ASTRAL PLANE of reality.. that magical 'world' which we experience in our "Flying Dreams".. producing a POWERFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH PERSONALITY, SELF-EXPRESSION AND CHARISMATIC "HYPNOSIS" of both oneself AND others. A literal Magician, Wizard or "witch," the Astral Plane's Blue-Ray Native literally reshapes their life through "Incantations" and Magical Words which may be meaningless to others, but which give them almost god-like Authority in the realms they fly through by night.

As an "Id-controlling Force" this Ray lends it's Natives a natural skill at using "THE WORD" (called 'Logos' in spiritual mythology..) by which they can "hypnotize" reality into changing to suit their needs. Emerging in early childhood dreams, this Power allows the young Magician's Apprentice to "speak in tongues" or utter words of Magical Power, which transforms the Nightmare into something more desirable. Later developments include the ability to disappear and 'teleport' from one dreamscape into another, 'Astral Palaces' which the Blue Ray Native can create for themselves, in which they can rehearse the changes they wish to see in the waking 'dream' called Life.. and (for many) "Astral Projection" or the ability to enter the Flying Dream-world while still awake, to exert even MORE control over the Inner Geography of the Self.

Blue Ray Natives ARE prone to 'living in a private dreamworld;' and serious attention needs to be paid to PRACTICAL EFFECTIVENESS; making the Waking World better, and not merely 'flying away from it.' Counselors who wish to advise such people need to be themselves adept at Hypnosis AND all Psychic Sciences!, for the Wizard will not take-seriously anyone who is not themself an Adept from the same World they live in.

The natural Yoga of the Throat Chakra and it's Blue Ray is SIDDHA YOGA and MANTRA-meditation.. the branch of Raja (or 'Royal COMMAND') Yoga which specializes in Words Of Power (Mantras) which can govern the psyche and shape it into chosen patterns. "Transcendental Meditation" and the Hebraic Yoga called Kaballah are two examples of this science.. though each Blue Ray Native must find the form which pleases THEM (they will never accept one they do not personally consider 'their OWN!') In every case, however, the product will be direct Command over Life through THE POWER OF THE WORD. "Siddha Yoga" means The Science Of Psychic Powers, and THAT is the lifelong Quest for Blue Ray Natives. The Powers they develop will exactly reflect their NEEDS and personal INTERESTS.

RAY 6: The Purple Ray

Governing the THIRD EYE (Brow) CHAKRA of Yoga, the PURPLE RAY centers the consciousness in the EYES, EARS, FOREHEAD, TEMPLES, NOSTRILS and the PSYCHIC PLANE of reality.. that realm in which Clairvoyance, Prophecy, Telepathy and all forms of Intellectual Science occur.. producing a POWERFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH LEARNING and especially of 'higher learning' and Philosophy. Called "the Seat of the Soul" in Yoga, the Third Eye or Brow Chakra is the actual "projector" which shows our dreams and other visions into the Mind; so all Purple Ray Natives have an automatic affinity for both "intuitive flashes" AND Soul-related studies.. though their approach to these topics is decidedly MENTAL. The focus of this Ray is LAW (the symbolic meaning of the color Purple,) and the need of all Purple Ray Natives is to KNOW THE LAWS THAT GOVERN THEM.

As an "Id-controlling Force" this Ray lends it's Natives a natural skill at PSYCHOANALYSIS; early dream-life is often deeply 'research-oriented' scenarios in which every "monster" in the Id's Nightmare Arsenal is put on the couch and analyzed like a mental patient!.. until the young Purple Ray Native understands what makes it 'tick' and how to control it. Naturally this leads to a quite "behaviorist" approach to the waking world as well, giving the youngster a skillful insight into the motivations and hidden purposes of their playmates, friends and family-members. This CAN lead to some problems!, until others realize that they are not being told what to BE, but rather merely "figured-out" for future reference. The logical/analytical focus of this Ray is often offset by at least occasional flashes of Soul-related clairvoyant insight into life; "past life memories" and telepathic-intuitive insights help the young Purple Ray Native realize that there is more to life than the Logical Explanation.

The natural Yoga of the Third Eye Chakra and it's Purple Ray Native is JNANA YOGA.. the Yoga of Wise Understanding. Being so profoundly "mental-intellectual" in their approach to life, people of this Ray tend to study the THEORY underlying whatever matters to them. This accumulation of Theoretical Material eventually congeals into a Personal Philosophy based on the best they have been able to learn of life's Secrets. Effort at directing the young Purple-Ray Conception into Soul-studies can help avoid some of the 'agnostic' and 'cynical' tendencies of these powerfully intellectual learners (by keeping the mind from focusing ONLY on the details, and stay focused on the PURPOSE underlying the facts.) But in every area they enter (waking OR sleeping,) the Purple Ray Native makes a SCIENCE of it all.

RAY 7: The Rose-Violet Ray

Governing the CROWN (Thousand-Petaled Lotus) CHAKRA of Yoga, the ROSE-VIOLET RAY centers the consciousness in the TOP OF THE HEAD, BRAIN, DUCTLESS GLANDS and the AKASHIC PLANE of reality.. the realm of the 'Akashic Records' or light-pattern left behind (or foretold!,) by the lives of material bodies in space. This Plane is little-known in western societies, but can be thought-of as a "Light-Story" of 'Ghost-Images' which both predates AND survives the actual life-events we live.. and it is here that "prophets" such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and others find the future already foreshadowed clearly-enough to form effective predictions of coming events. This Chakra is not easy to relate with!.. for those who can see into it's secrets MAY tend to become either 'fatalistic' or as unconcerned with "worldly matters" as a reclusive Monk; but the real Key to Crown Chakra living is SERVING DESTINY rather than trying to avoid or control it.

As an "Id-controlling Force" this Ray lends it's Natives a natural skill at SEEING THE BIG PICTURE. Early dream-life is often a somewhat 'detached' overview of scenarios occuring in the material world.. as if seen from a great height or a great distance of time. Such dreams allow the young Rose-Violet Ray-conception to "see Beyond" the moment they are in, giving them a calm and objective security that makes the "monsters" of the Id's Unconscious Realm seems both puny and powerless. That same approach will be preserved throughout life, as a way of getting 'past' problems by getting "BEYOND" them in one's overview of life. This objective outlook and cool emotional stance gives the Rose-Violet Ray Native the ability to find and "serve" the good in life without being overly distracted by the temporary 'bad experiences' life can bring.

The natural Yoga of the Crown Chakra and it's Rose-Violet Ray is RAJA ("Royal") YOGA: the science of knowing and serving 'the King' which is the Akashic symbol of the Super-ego or Godself. All Crown-Chakra-governed people are by nature HONOR-oriented and concerned for the Whole more than for their own Part within the Whole; consequently they tend toward Public Service, Charity, Safety and SERVICE-oriented interests and skills. Effort at finding "humanitarian" yet enjoyable ways of serving History without 'martyring' themselves is virtually the life-story of this noble-minded and calmly serene Ray.

Further Data On The Rays..

It should be noted that human births (and their Id-controlling Ray-specialties) are NOT the only things determined by the Chromatic Ray-Cycle. In fact EVERYTHING in Nature follows the same Cycle, for it emanates directly from the Sun itself, and all of Nature is keyed to our Star. You can use this Ray-Cycle to evaluate what Nature, History, Society and each already-living Individual will be focusing their attention on during any given Ray-Year. Interestingly, the American "Fiscal Year" (FY) which is used to measure national economic patterns, is tied more to this Cycle than the calendar-year. You will find many other examples of the Ray-Cycle as experience increases.

Those wishing to research the origins of this Cycle-Science will find it preserved by YOGA (in the annual Chakra-Cycle of development;) by KABALLAH (in the "Sabbatical Cycle" or Jubilee Calendar;) and by ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY (though the exact dates given here were first verified by The Maitreyan Order of Hsien Tao which published this Manual,) and are not yet widely-known.

To use the Chromatic Ray-Cycle as a way of evaluating History, simply look-up the Conception-Ray of the year underway, and you will see what all of society will be focusing it's attention on for the year.