Hexagram 64: "WEIGH KEY"

THE 64TH YEAR OF ANY LIFE.. from the 63rd to 64th Birthday.

ESSENE THOU COMMENTARY: And now we have ended ONE cycle of Life. BIG DEAL! You still hold the Keys to your own future. Life does not stop at sixty-four! But it certainly WILL Change.. for that is what YE is all about. As you end this year of your life, you will enter again Year One of A NEW CYCLE OF BEING. What will you make of it? No one but the Fatherly Light which rules Year One could say.. and in that I have shared with you the final secret of YE JINN. From our Source and Origins we return, after many days; and together with that Source, we will arrange a future that pleases us both.

And with this "end" which is but a re-beginning, the great and beloved JINN Of Change folds it's wings, it's work done: Time which turns in a Circle has rebounded upon itself; Auroborus has swallowed his tail; and CHANGE WHICH IS CHANGELESS is at last revealed to you. It is YE! it is only YE. You alone have endured unchanged through all of life's transformations. Eternity is that which endures, unchanged. I bow to that Eternal, and put down my pen, content.