Hexagram 49: "GO!"

THE 49TH YEAR OF ANY LIFE.. from the 48th to 49th Birthday.

ESSENE THOU COMMENTARY: Having become in short order an Ally and then an Elder of the Spirit Hierarchy we are now transformed IN THE PUBLIC EYE into that which we have been created to be. Sure, you had forgotten it yourself! It was, after all, when you were a mere eighteen years old that your Libido first 'dreamed-up' the life that is now beginning to occur for you.. and you had no real chance of living it fully back then. But, NOW you do.. in fact, now you have no chance NOT to! Try to remember the promises Libido whispered to your Ego when you were eighteen.. it may help you to cope with the transformations this year will bring you. But no matter; it WILL occur on it's own.. for you have paid the price of Attainment, and now the Goods are being delivered! Naturally, this requires an almost TOTAL transformation of you yourself!.. symbolized in YE JINN as 'changing one's coat' or MOULTING. As birds do when they re-grow their feathers and as mammals do when they shed their fur for the summer coat, you must now shed the old skin and 'put on the new man (or woman.')

Do not be in too big a hurry! Shedding a skin takes TIME; and you must spend a lot of time and effort at 'recapturing' what you set out to become, back in your nineteenth year. It will in fact not be until NEXT year that your new skin will be fully re-grown, and you will begin to actually LIVE the 'old' new life of your mature adulthood. but now is the time for TRANSFORMATION. Do it well and your new life will 'fit you' like your 'new' skin!