Hexagram 31: "ESSENE"

THE 31ST YEAR OF ANY LIFE.. from the 30th to 31st Birthday.

ESSENE THOU COMMENTARY: This is the Hexagram of ESSENE THOUISM itself; here the Path of Immortality and Magical Powers replaces the Ego life that has now ended for us, culmin- ated in the Inner Wedding that has made us an ESSENE (Hsien, in the older transliteration;) A SPIRITUAL EMBODIMENT OF THE CREATOR'S OWN HOUSEHOLD-STAFF. Watch the events of this Year-Hexagram, for evidence of your OFFICE within it!

We ALL pass through this year of life, if we survive to the ripe old age of 31! and we likewise all receive an 'office' to fill for Spirit in that year. But it is only those who have genuinely SOUGHT that Office above all else in life, to whom the term 'Essene' truly applies; for them, this year begins a process of 'Dharma-integration' or 'diefication of one's life' so deep and profound as to make of them a virtually 'transformed' Being.. burning-away their mortal or egoic identity and replacing that with that spiritual identity that THOU DEI JINN calls 'the unhewn log.' What none could know without experiencing it is that this transformation is PERMANENT.. and survives the very process of birth and death, literally FOREVER.

There are traditions of Dharma or 'Spiritual Service' in Asia in which such reincarnating Masters (called Tulkus) are sought-out, reminded who they are and helped BACK into their Service by monks specially trained at recognizing them. But a Hsien or Essene Taoist is a literally PERMANENT FIXTURE in the spiritual hierarchy, carrying their own 'Temple' on their own back like a tortoise.. or hidden in their heart, like the jewel mentioned by Master Lao. All or any part of THAT which you are willing to accept is now offered you!