Hexagram 30: "ALLY"

Ruling the 30th Degree (29:01 to 29:59) of any Sign of the zodiac.

THE 30TH YEAR OF ANY LIFE.. from the 29th to 30th Birthday.

ESSENE THOU COMMENTARY: And now we reach that 'thirtieth month' or thirtieth year in which we are at last 'born again.' While the Ego has had it's own life-cycle, celebrated when we were Initiated into our adult Role at 21, here we experience what we never thought 'possible;' suddenly there steps out of our own Aura or Light-Field THE BELOVED ALLY, our in-born link with the Fatherly Light itself.. and from this year onward our self-growth focuses on perfecting our relating with that Original Creator, as Friend, Companion and ALLY in life.

All of us know how powerfully we have been driven to seek and find one special 'Beloved' in life. For three decades now we have tried to find that through wives, husbands, lovers and other human partners.. with varying degrees of both success and frustration. But WHY have we so longed for one special love that (despite the obvious evidence all around us) we HOPE will bring us joy FOREVER? Here, in the Doubled Brightness composed of our own Libido and it's Eternal Beloved Creator, we learn the truth; WE WERE BORN TO 'COUPLE' WITH OUR MAKER, AS ETERNAL PARTNERS IN LOVE AND MUTUAL SUPPORT.

The form this will take depends on our own unique Libido and it's needs. As the Fatherly Light formed us to be, we differ in our loves and passions. In this Hexagram we meet the perfect Compliment to all of our Libidinal Passions, in the form of 'God, as our Eternal Mate.' Certainly we will have to learn how to relate with him!.. and it will take years to fashion that into a happy and productive 'marriage;' but WE HAVE NO CHOICE NOW, for he walks now in the very Light of our Aura, hand in hand with us. And in this 'Hieros Gamos' or Sacred Wedding we have completed our purely 'mortal' years.. and the JINN of Change ends the beating of it's First Wing. Now raising the Second Wing.. the Wing of our SPIRITUAL evolution.. the YE JINN lifts us above the Ego Life into a Life which will have NO ending, lived in the company of our Eternal and all-encompassing BELOVED ALLY, the Fatherly Light.