Hexagram 14: "DEU"

Ruling the 14th Degree (13:01 to 13:59) of any Sign of the zodiac.

THE 14TH YEAR OF ANY LIFE.. from the 13th to 14th Birthday.

ESSENE THOU COMMENTARY: As the number 13 means 'Group Magic,' it's successor means 'DEI-TY Provides.' In this Hexagram we meet DEI in YE JINN, as life's "Divine Providence." Here we are told that DEI has been attained, and WHAT WE NEED IS BEING PROVIDED FOR US.

Hexagram 14, DEU, means 'God' in every sense of the word known to YE JINN; here one has met the Fatherly Light and established a right relationship to him; and out of this Union with our Maker we are blessed with a place in his Kingdom. Thus, while we might be members of a Lodge or "coven" of Throngsmen wielding great influence over the Gestalt of our world, here in DEU we have DIRECT RELATING TO THE CREATOR HIMSELF; and from that relationship flows-out to us a level of Providence that only the Fatherly Light could engender.

On a Yogic level, DEU represents the fourteenth year of our lives, when we are completing a second cycle of Chakra-progressions.. in fact, the progre- ssion of the Second or Sexual Chakra, during which our Libido surfaces for us to recognize, wrestle-with and eventually turn into a right relationship with our Eternal Beloved, the Creator.

Naturally enough, the symbol used by the JINN to explain all this is SUNLIGHT shining in the sky.. and so it FEELS, to be 'claimed' by the Light which gave us our natures for his own enjoyment as well as our own.